Merck Millipore Virtual Event Graphics

The Merck Millipore Virtual Event was already underway when I was brought in to consult on the creative. The initial request was for me to come in and walk their in-house creative team through the process and be on call for any additional questions that may have come up.

The client was located in Paris and there were two other key players in the UK, so it made for a series of early morning calls, but things were moving along, so it was worthwhile.  A few days after getting their creative team the assets they would need to take on the work requested, I got a call from the lead on the project. The Merck Millipore client wanted to have me do their creative instead of their team. This was largely due to the tight timeline – she figured that I could be a single point of contact and the whole of the process could move faster that way. I was a little concerned that I was being selected to complete the work of a team, but I knew I could make it work.

There was a lot of work to do in a very small amount of time. This combined with our new baby and an upcoming move made time management more important than ever.

I worked on the main registration page, the Main Hall, nine custom booths based on our platform designs and two additional locations for the environment. After a review, I had to create another five Millipore booths based on other designs I had come up with.

I also took on the task of creating some marketing images that were used to promote the event.

Lastly, I had to create a stage area for the Keynote Address and work on compositing two speakers into the scene.  I worked with teams in Paris and the New York to go over how I needed the hosts to be shot so that they would work for the composite. Then I had to do all the post work and compositing along with speaker support graphics and the final compression for upload into our webcasting space.

The project took about three weeks to complete.



Merck_Host03 Merck_Lounge


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