I had been involved with all the creative in the initial IBM RFP with fantastic results. However, larger companies like this have to run additional RFPs every few years and we had to prove ourselves to them yet again in 2013. This was a major source of revenue for InterCall and we could not afford to rest on our past accomplishments by memory alone.  I love being brought in as an expert to help sell these high profile projects!

A new RFP venue was created and I was tasked to come up with a look and feel that would work with the current IBM standard. This included backgrounds and icons along with a virtual host to walk the view through some of our history with the IBM team.

The background and icon elements were easy, but the virtual host required some thought due to file size limitations and compression concerns. I shot the host in our small, in-house studio and I was able to address all of the points that were requested for the project. The host was a huge hit and the venue won us the IBM RFP.






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