Unisfair TimeQuest Promo Video

Working in a virtual events company that usually focus’ on business and corporate goings on usually means there’s not a lot of far out creative going on. But TimeQuest was a different matter all together. We used the Unisfair platform to stage a scavenger hunt through the ages where entrants were eligible to win an iPad or iPod Nano.

I was tasked to create fun environments and interesting visuals to show just how flexible the Unisfair platform is. I got to play with interesting visuals and fun environments and managed to give people a little insight on just how much you can do with the platform. Not only did I create all the background and Flash elements, but I shot, edited, composited and did all the effects for the videos as well. Three weeks of wild and creative playtime.

The feedback was positive and the event was a success. I can’t wait to do another!

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